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Aquatic Dictionary is an online dictionary made from your definitions. The aquatic world defined!

Please note we are currently reprogramming most of the site due to issues with the database. As a result you will only be able to lookup definitions at this time.

How to allow your users to lookup any word on your web pages in the Aquatic Dictionary.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Aquatic Dictionary grow. By making groups of words on your web pages clickable for definitions not only are you helping your users learn and properly use terms they come across, you are also helping the Aquatic Dictionary gain exposure as the best definition site for all things Aquatic.

We want your users to stay your users and, as a result, your use of our group clickable pages script will NOT cause the user to be forced away from your page. All links from Aquatic Dictionary through our script sharing resources open the Aquatic Dictionary in a new window leaving your window in the background for them to return to. When users are finished looking up definitions they can return to your site by closing the dictionary and/or switching back to the window with your site in it where they left off.

Aquatic Dictionary is committed to family friendly environment and will not allow definitions that contain inappropriate material.

We encourage you to participate in the Aquatic Dictionary and allow you to reference the dictionary through any method of linking and reference possible as long as the and/or's Aquatic Dictionary references are still intact. Any use that 'scrapes' the dictionary definitions from our formatted pages without Aquatic Dictionary headers and copyright notices are prohibited and will be pursued as legally possible unless you have been given prior written permission.

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Make your pages clickable
If user was looking to find the definition of a phrase, a single word, or multiple words like a scientific name they would simply click on the word twice to select it or click and drag their mouse over an area. Once they select words such as aquarium, paludarium, Paracheirodon axelrodi, etc they get a tiny box that says "Search at" that appears over the word or phrase. When they click on this box it opens and automatically searches for the selected text. You may try this as a sample on any word on this page. Please keep in mind the site mostly has only aquatic words, with a few exceptions, defined here. Try the words and the fish name listed above as tests to see how this works.
IE Users automatically select and copy to clipboard when you click Select All. All others will select only (you will need to copy). Then simply paste the text below into your web page anywhere after the <BODY> tag but before the closing </BODY> tag.

Instead of looking for glossaries, lists, and searching for answers across hundreds of websites give your users the ability to search and contribute to the most comprehensive aquatic dictionary in the internet. Join us now!

Aquatic Dictionary is always a work in progress. It is created as a free interactive aquatic dictionary
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